About the Colorado China Council (CCC)

A brief history of CCC

In the late 1970s, before “normalization” of relations with the People’s Republic of China after nearly 50 years of extreme isolation, the Asia Society of New York established twelve Regional Councils to help educate the American public about Chinese history, culture, politics, and US China relations. They established one of those Councils in Boulder, Colorado. Alice Renouf, who was working on her PhD in modern Chinese history, became the director in 1979 and ran outreach programs at the University of Colorado, Boulder for over a decade.

Eventually CCC moved into a very different outreach arena. American citizens in the 1980s finally had access to information about China and more and more people were visiting China so many roads were finally opening up. People, however, wanted to go to China and live and really experience this marvelous country and doing so as an English teacher was the most viable way.

CCC in many respects is also a family enterprise. Alice’s husband Jon is CCC’s financial and technical backbone; Cassidy, their son, is the webmaster; and Whitney, their daughter, taught on the program for a year. The organization also has a board of directors, many of whom have been on the board for all 35 years!

Alice remembers that when she began the teacher’s program in 1991 there were only two or three other, non-religious, universities or organizations sending Americans from all walks of life from all over the US to teach in China. Today, if you Google “teach in China”, there are hundreds of different organizations and schools with China programs. Obviously it was an idea that was just waiting to happen.

Collaborating organizations

CCC is affiliated with the China Teachers Consortium, (founded by the Yale-China Association, 1990), an organization of China programs in several universities and organizations, including:

Other CCC-hosted programs

During the past 35 years, CCC has offered many innovative and exciting programs. Below we have listed some of the highlights:

A Fine New Line: Contemporary Ink Painting From China, 2015, cohosted with the Asian Art Coordinating Council and Metropolitan State University

Boulder ESL and Cultural Center and Anhui University of Technology's Summer Program for Students, 2011, held in Boulder for six college students to assist in English language improvements and cultural exchanges.

Adopting a Child from China, cohosted with University of Denver, 1997. A day long program of information for singles and couples considering adopting Chinese children.

"Summoning of the Soul: Treasures from China's Tombs," an exquisite exhibit organized by the Asian Art Coordinating Council and co-hosted by the Colorado China Council, had premiered in 1989 at the Denver Art Museum. One of the most highly acclaimed exhibits to ever leave China, "Summoning of the Soul" toured U.S. museums for two years, attracting record-breaking crowds.

The Celebrate China! Festival, a multi-media festival held June, 1987 in downtown Denver. It saluted Hunan Province and the City of Kunming, two areas of China which have special friendship relations with Colorado and Denver. The grand celebration brought 140 Chinese to Denver for business conferences, tourism promotion, art exhibits, dance performances and educational meetings. All of downtown Denver was transformed for the occasion.

The Hon. Han Xu, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., hosted by CCC for his Denver visit in 1985. CCC arranged, among other events, an all-day conference on doing business in China; meetings with local bankers, university presidents, Chinese visiting scholars and students; art-exhibition openings and a national reunion of the 12 regional China Councils.

Children's Art from China, a lively and insightful exhibition of paintings by elementary school children from Hunan. The exhibit toured Colorado schools and museums in l985. In 1996 the show was updated and exhibited, with recent children's paintings from Hunan, Fujian and Colorado, at Collage Children's Museum, Boulder, before touring the country.

Chinese in the Rocky Mountains: 1860-1935, an historically significant photo exhibition, depicting the Chinese contributions to the growth and cultural diversity of the Rocky Mountain region. It was exhibited at the Colorado Historical Society with a gala, multi-media opening reception.

Official Relations with China. CCC has worked with the State of Colorado, Denver Sister Cities, universities, international organizations, businesses and Chinese organizations to develop and promote the Colorado-Hunan, Denver-Kunming and Boulder-Lhasa relationships. Since 1981, in order to further educational, business and cultural exchanges, CCC has hosted innumerable Chinese delegations, as well as organizing delegations from Colorado to China.

CCC leadership

Alice Renouf has served as the Executive Director since CCC's inception. She holds advanced degrees in Chinese studies and has lived and traveled extensively in Asia.

The CCC Advisory Board Members include people from academia, business, arts, journalism and government from around the US and world:

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The Colorado China Council (CCC) would like to express its deep appreciation and gratitude for the generous and ongoing grant support from the Leslie Family Foundation which allows CCC to continue with program development in rural China