Program—Fall-Spring, 2017-2018

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Some things about teaching you need to know and seriously think about before making a decision to commit to this type of program:
Except in rare cases people do not know exactly what they will be teaching or what level (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate students) until AFTER they arrive! This is the Chinese way, NOT the American way and it can be enormously frustrating if you feel that you must prepare all your lectures before leaving for China. Everyone will teach some component of reading, writing, listening and speaking but beyond that you will be given very few details. The university class schedules for foreign teachers are put together immediately before or shortly after the foreign teachers arrive and there are often last-minute changes because of staffing issues. The CCC office will not know what classes you will be teaching or even what date/day your classes actually begin.

If you are teaching freshmen, your classes will not begin until two to four weeks after everyone else has started because the government requires all freshmen to participate in military training. You could conceivably have an entire month free, with pay and an apartment. Some people thrive in this unstructured environment and others seem to melt down when there is NO schedule.

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The Colorado China Council (CCC) would like to express its deep appreciation and gratitude for the generous and ongoing grant support from the Leslie Family Foundation which allows CCC to continue with program development in rural China