Some Testimonials

Nate Reiners, Jinjiang College Sichuan University and Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 2013-2015

Hi Alice, I am so grateful to you for helping me find enjoyable work in China! I had a really great year last year and made many good friends in Jiangsu. I had such a good time I've decided to continue teaching at Nanjing University of Science and Technology this year as well….. I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU! You made my transition from college to the workplace so smooth and I am truly grateful. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Andrew Orr, Sichuan University, 2012-14

Alice, Thank you so much for making my dreams and wishes a reality by allowing me to teach in China. ….For the last two years I have done something I've always wanted to do in life and as I get ready to leave China, I think I'm really going to miss it. It was great having students who truly appreciated my classes, the handouts, the lectures and other educational resources given to them. Being appreciated like that was one reason I couldn't say "god bye' after just one year.

Samantha Drotar, Jinjiang College of Sichuan University, 2011-12

I heard about CCC from a college friend who went through the program herself and really enjoyed her time. I had searched high and low on the internet about teaching positions in China, but just wasn't sure who to work with, or if it was even necessary. I had so many questions. I took my friends recommendation and contacted CCC. After talking with the director, Alice, and finding answers to simple questions on their straightforward and helpful website, I made the decision to apply to their program and hopefully get a position somewhere in China with their help! The entire process went extremely smooth for me. Even now after the completion of my year long placement, Alice continues to keep contact and be helpful with information about future endeavors. I got placed in Sichuan province and was extremely satisfied. If you want some extra help throughout the entire placement and visa process, as well as contacts and support throughout the entire year, go with CCC. You won't be disappointed!

Professor Penny Snetsinger, Jinjiang College of Sichuan University, 2011-2012

As an experienced college teacher taking a long dreamed of sabbatical in China, I was looking for an organization which would work with me to find an ideal placement. CCC totally fit the bill. Alice worked closely with me to find a placement which met my needs and dreams on so many levels. Jinjiang College ended up being a perfect fit, from our beautiful apartment, terrific colleagues, and foreign office that was incredibly helpful. The Summer Institute really helped me learn some of the differences between teaching in the US and teaching in China and I often went back to the extensive materials provided as I was preparing for class. I can't imagine that I could have had a better year in China and I have CCC to thank for that!

Elle Kapp, SILC, Shanghai University, 2009-2011

I saw CCC's link for teaching English in China and thought it sounded interesting but I knew little about China, did not speak any Chinese and worried it might just be for recent college graduate and I would be too old. I emailed Alice and that became the start of a wonderful experience. CCC took care of everything: my visa, plane ticket, teaching assignment, and an orientation program in August in Shanghai. CCC's orientation program includes English language teacher training, Chinese lessons, and helps with navigating daily life in China. Thanks to CCC I've had a wonderful experience living in China. I definitely recommend the Colorado China Council. Not only does Alice secure the teaching position and housing and all the initial arrangements but she is always willing to share her extraordinary understanding of China.

Alex Goepfert, Anhui Medical University, Hefei, 2010

When you’re in a big, new country, there’s nothing more important than knowing that somebody’s got your back. That’s why I would recommend the Colorado China Council to anyone making their first journey to China, or even their second or their third. The Colorado China Council provided me with an instant support network of smart, dedicated people who love and understand this country and know how to navigate its pitfalls, bureaucracy, and all the rest. The CCC’s August orientation was a well-planned introduction to Chinese language and culture and the Intensive TESL gave me the confidence to dive right into teaching English (plus, a great month spent in Shanghai). Arranging my experience through the CCC also ensured placement at a high-quality university. I can’t imagine what my experience would have been like if I’d opted for one of the fly-by-night organizations or for-profit teaching franchises, but there are certainly no shortage of horror stories. Ultimately, your time in China is what you make of it, but you can give yourself every opportunity to have a fantastic experience by going through an organization with the resources, experience and desire to help you succeed.

Lauren Anneberg, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 2006, talking about the Summer Institute program in Shanghai

Dear Alice,

Ni hao! I am sorry I haven't written since I arrived...we've been so wonderfully busy. I am so grateful for the Summer Institute, thank you Alice. I can't imagine going into my teaching placement without the insight and guidance of Jane, Kim, James and Sandra. They have been incredible, in addition to being lovely, kind people. We are so lucky to have them!

Yesterday's trip to Tong Li was memorable, mostly due to the scintillating sex museum - how unexpected! The canals were charming, and the shaded boat ride a welcome respite from the sun. I think we might have sweat off about a half a stone. Last night a few of us ate at the Punjabi Indian restaurant near Nanchang Lu - huge buffet, many laughs... and tonight Jane's going to take us to a local hot pot place. Days seem to revolve around the next meal, full of things I can honestly say I have never seen or tried, but we're all well and enjoying each other's company. (minus the ubiquitous 'digestive trouble!'). I have loved walking through the park in the early morning, visiting the fabric market (where Joel and Todd had suits made), eating steaming soup-filled dumplings, and being ever-impressed with the students at Feng Hua High School. I would say that Shanghai is far more sprawling and glamourous than I expected. Joel and I ventured into the Shanghai Centre near to where the acrobats performed (amazing) and wandered past every haute couture label I could never afford in my lifetime. It seemed out of place and yet strangely established. I was envisioning the neighborhood around Zha Bei to be more of the standard, and perhaps it is. I haven't done enough exploring on my own to get a fair sense of the place. This afternoon I'm heading to the Shanghai Museum, so I better get going if I hope to make it back by dinner!

Thanks Alice

Roberto Ruiz, Nanjing University of Science and Technology teacher, 2007

...I can't believe that these last two years have flown by so quickly. It's actually quite sad because this has been the greatest experience. I've learned so much, and changed equally as much. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity. I'm glad to say I've made some great friends along the way. In the end, I'm so glad I came. Now I'm ready to move on to the next chapter in my life, and I will continue to keep you posted.

Tim Gerber, Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC), Shanghai University, 2004-2005

Hi Alice,

Hard to believe a year has gone many has been a TRIP in more ways than one......but a wonderful one that I wouldn't trade for anything......

Thanks for all your help and support.

Kaleb Moore and Robyn Stringfellow , Nanhai University of South China Normal University, Guangzhou

We are loving China!! Our students are great, smart and eager to learn. It is a joy to teach them. Everybody at the University so far has been great, they are very friendly and warm. The campus is a little isolated, so there is not a lot to do, but it is also nice because it allows us plenty of time to study Mandarin and plan our lessons.

All in all, things are just fine here. The program is very great and helpful, and I feel we would recommend it to anyone thinking of coming to China. That's it for now!

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The Colorado China Council (CCC) would like to express its deep appreciation and gratitude for the generous and ongoing grant support from the Leslie Family Foundation which allows CCC to continue with program development in rural China